Saturday, 21 April 2012

Market Madness or What do Vegans Eat? April 21

Welcome to my new weekly section of Spinach, wherein I finally master the art of quick and breezy posts by showing off my weekly farmer's market haul, and bragging about what I made for dinner every week.  Fun, yes?

What we bought this week:  One head of cauliflower, 4 large white onions, one bag of white potatoes, one bowl of jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), one head of purple cabbage, one swede, one butternut squash

Cost: £5.30

These humble ingredients turned into:

Butternut Squash Thai Curry with Coconut Brown Rice
(own recipe)

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
(own recipe)

 Pureed Swede and Potatoes with Carmelized Onions
(own recipe)

Tibetan-style Seitan Burritos
(Moosewood Celebrates)

Cauliflower and Mushroom Pot Pie


  1. Whaaaaat? Can you post the recipes?? I wanna eat that cheaply too!

  2. That's probably an unsually cheap shopping trip. I didn't really note down the recipes, so they'd be very vague, and possibly a bit inaccurate.